Vervain Holistic Studios


Our 10th generation Ecospiritual Priestess, Aphrodite.

Wherever you see Aphrodite, you'll know it's us!

Who We Are: Peace, Love and Ecospirituality

Our Story

We're an enchanted Sisterhood of Mother Earth, and a registered non-profit ecclesiastical corporation,

White Mare Sanctuary, legally established in the United States in 2002.

We are the American Daughters of French-Swissan ancestral Ecospiritual Priestesses.

So far, we have been able to trace our enchanted ancestral matrilineal roots to the Village of Pouxeux, Lorraine, France, near Domremy, the home of Joan of Arc. We continue our search for origins.

We follow Marie Barbe Marguerite Mansuette de Riedmatten Jacquemain, born in 1787, to the birth of her daughters and granddaughters in Valais, Conthey and Sion, Switzerland.  Marie's great granddaughter, Alexandrine Julie Jacquemain Fete crossed the Atlantic, from Bern to New York's Ellis Island, in 1880, settling with her family in Canton, Stark County, Ohio. Alexandrine and her American-born daughters, granddaughters, and great-great granddaughters continue the family tradition.

The Jacquemain style of Ecospiritual Priestessing education begins at our grandmother's knee. Little Priestesses learn from watching, then doing, then exploring on their own. Each Priestess is born with a special healing gift. Her Elder Mothers watch for it, sometimes recognizable at the moment of birth when a female child is born with the veil, and nurture her ecospiritual gift within her heart-spirit, allowing her to grow into her gift, develop it, and ultimately, to share it with the world to help and heal.

Focusing and connecting with the natural elements of earth, water, fire, air and light, these healing arts have been handed down in the Jacquemain family, from mother to daughter, through the generations, bringing Mother Earth's healing energies to their families and their communities. 

Alexandrine, a 4th generation Jacquemain daughter, born 1854, Valais, Sion, Switzerland.

What We Create.

All of our products are originally designed artisan quality work created by the hands and hearts of our Priestesses.

Each season, we create a new series of designs that follow the earth's influences from the celestial, astrological heavens.

  • We grow our own organic herbs and flowers, and plant & harvest them during the radiant glow of a healing full moon.

  • We use filtered rainwater collected during thunder storms and infuse it with Reiki healing energy and the emotion of compassion.

  • All of our crystals are cleared with sea salt infused storm water or ocean water, and then charged with the sfumari of Vervain - the plant of healing and enchantment.

  • As modern Priestesses, we author ecospiritual educational materials to support the messages of Peace, CoExistence, Multicultural Diversity, Climate Reality, Veganism and Sustainable Energy.

  • We teach Inner Greening to the Global Community

    Michelle, a 9th generation Jacquemain daughter, is an Elder Ecospiritual Priestess, ordained Esoteric Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master and Author who holds regionally accredited degrees in Fine Art and Nursing.

    Hello and Welcome!


    Opening your heart-spirit to healthy self-love with Earth's healing energies

    is pinnacle ecological awareness. It's the art of grounding and healing to the natural world,

    the terra firma of reality, and I'm an Ecospiritual Priestess with a calling to re-connect people to our natural world.

    I teach unconditional self-love,  because I know that we can't love anyone or anything else until we love our Self.

    Our biggest challenge is moving past the false beliefs, perceptions and illusions that carry us into suffering and poor health, and out of clarity. This must be done with love and trust, and who better to trust than Mother Earth? Dependable. reliable, unshakeable, abundant and fruitful, and over 400 million years old - and we carry her wisdom in our DNA.

    There are a lot of us out here, and you'll know us by our many names: Shamans, Lightworkers, Spiritual Healers, Holistic Doctors and Nurses, Deep Ecologists, Transformational Psychologists, Earth Astrologists and Climate Stewards to name a few.

    I've got a few friends like me around town, and they'll be joining me here from time-to-time.


    We are all Earth's Children.

    With that comes a cognizance of inter-relatedness to all sentient beings, including our Mother Earth and all her creations on the web of life. We're all connected by the same creative energies that made the Universe. We all feel joy and pain - every human, every farm animal, and those in the wild. We all cherish our relationships to the ones we love, as so succinctly illustrated in the sorrowful cry of the mother dairy cow whose newborn calf is taken from her.

    In experiencing inter-relatedness to one another, the animals and the Earth is to know a joyful, healthy life.