About Us

Our Story

We're an enchanted Sisterhood of Mother Earth, and a registered non-profit ecclesiastical corporation,

White Mare Sanctuary, legally established in the United States in 2002.

We are the American Daughters of French-Swissan ancestral Ecospiritual Priestesses.

So far, we have been able to trace our enchanted ancestral matrilineal roots to the Village of Pouxeux, Lorraine, France, near Domremy, the home of Joan of Arc. We continue our search for origins.

We follow Marie Barbe Marguerite Mansuette de Riedmatten Jacquemain, born in 1787, to the birth of her daughters and granddaughters in Valais, Conthey and Sion, Switzerland.  Marie's great granddaughter, Alexandrine Julie Jacquemain Fete, born in 1854, crossed the Atlantic, from Bern to New York's Ellis Island, in 1880, settling with her family in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, where she and her mother, husband and children are interred at St. John's Cemetery. Alexandrine and her American-born daughters, granddaughters, and great-great granddaughters continue the family tradition.

The Jacquemain style of Ecospiritual Priestessing education begins at our grandmother's knee. Little Priestesses learn from watching, then doing, then exploring on their own. Each Priestess is born with a special healing gift. Her Elder Mothers watch for it, sometimes recognizable at the moment of birth when a female child is born with the veil, and nurture her ecospiritual gift within her heart-spirit, allowing her to grow into her gift, develop it, and ultimately, to share it with the world to help and heal.

Focusing and connecting with the natural elements of earth, water, fire, air and light, these healing arts have been handed down in the Jacquemain family, from mother to daughter, through the generations, bringing Mother Earth's healing energies to their families and their communities.