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 Ecological Intuition

You are welcome to a free download copy of our handbook, Emoting Earth, to guide you on your journey.
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Deep ecology tells us we are emotionally and intuitively connected to the Earth.

So, who are we, really? With so many distractions, how do we consciously jump off

the daily hamster wheel and center our heart-spirit to the authentic feel of safety and security?

This sweet little how-to, created as a gift to my own millennial children and their

generation, is a meditative road map to inner peace, love and eco-spirituality.

Take a deep breath and cuddle into the arms of your Mama

Softly, radiantly, the sun's rays of sublime warmth fall upon your skin

like a hug of golden shimmer,

and tumble gently into your calming heart.

Your feet, like little shovels, root into sand crystals,

wiggle and expand your consciousness to the touch of

warmed salt water kissing your toes.

Emanating from a patch of wildflowers over your shoulder, a

tiny swirl of lavender perfume lilts on a summer breeze,

fills your mind with peace and contentment.

The sublime melody of ocean waves

reach across the shoreline and into the stillness within your soul,

drowns out the din of all the artificial man-made realities,

and for this one sweet moment, you are free.

This is Earth. This is You!


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